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Tri-Colour Easy Knit Baby Blanket pattern

Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern…Fancy a wonderfully quick and easy knit project?   Well here you go!  She’s fun, fresh… and she’s easy and quick!  Using just 3 balls of Sumptuous yarn (a gentle blend of soft Polwarth wool and Alpaca fibre), you’ll love how fast this project grows.




Knit on 5mm needles (straight or circular 60/80cm)

3 x Balls each colour of Sumptuous 75g

Cast On:

Cast on 120 Stitches (I like the long tail cast on for a good structure)
Keep your cast on loose to stop the blanket edge being pulled in.


You’ll be knitting flat, the first row is the right side, knit every row.
This is known as Garter Stitch

Slip first stitch of every row purl wise, to give the edging a tidy finish. You do this by passing the first stitch off the left needle, onto the right needle, without knitting or purling it. You move it ‘purl wise’ which means the yarn is at the front (or closest to you) as it would be if you were purling, and the right needle takes the stitch in the same movement you would purl. Once passed, you move the yarn to the back ready to knit, which creates a nice tidy twisted edge.

Colour Changes:

Keep knitting with each colour until a ball of wool is finished. Please always change colour on the right side for tidy transitions. Knit each colour in your preference of order, to complete each ball.

Cast Off:

Keep the cast off loose, also to stop pulling in the bottom.

Finish by  tucking in all ends.

We hope you enjoy this free baby blanket knitting pattern

Sample is knitted in Aqua, Aquamarine, Glacial

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