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KnitPro Blocking wires at Eskdale Yarns NZ
Knit Pro Blocking Wires

Knit Pro Blocking Wires

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The KnitPro Lace blocking wires are an essential tool for knitters and crocheters to help their garment look fantastic!

These stainless-steel wires can be used to stretch and shape shawls or other garments and accessories.

Simply soak your garment in lukewarm water and a wool-wash such as our Soak, leave for 15 minutes to soak, and gently remove excess water (I roll mine in a towel). Carefully lay your project flat on a flat surface on your blocking mat. Slide your wires through and use your T-pins to pin into place. Place out of sunlight and leave until dry.

Each tube contains:

  • 6 stainless steel wires of 95cm, 6 wires of 50cm, and 3 flexible wires of 95cm
  • 20 T-pins
  • 1 measuring tape.

Please note: This is an oversized item that may attract a small amount of extra shipping.