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Help! I've lost my mojo...

Most of us need no excuse what so ever to start a new project. But what if some reason that's not the case?

Recently, I just wasn't feeling it. I had no desire to knit, not even a stitch. 

It definitely felt like a small crisis. Knitting for me is a way to be creative, a way to relax, connect with friends. I stopped going to knitting group as I had nothing I wanted to knit. I tried looking online hoping to find a pattern to inspire me.

And then it happened. I found a small project that caught my interest. A cute little cardigan a friend loved and I knew would be worn often. I suddenly had a purpose and inspiration.

I could breathe again. So what would I do next time?

Just do it

Sometimes just spending knitting or crocheting is enough to get you on your way again. You remember why you loved it so much.

Find a new project

If you're not inspired to knit your current project, look for one that does inspire you. A small project can often give you a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to revisit another project.

Develop a routine or habit

Choose a time and develop the habit of picking up your knitting or crochet. It might be something like every time your favourite programme comes on. Even if you just knit a row or two you will definitely see lots of progress. 

If all else fails...

Be kind to yourself.  This could be a season of enjoying other pursuits and your craft love is hiding just around the corner.

And my cardigan? A good Netflix series and she's already being cast off:-)

Happy knitting.