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The Lure of a New Project


Do you have a new project calling your name?

There is something very delicious about beginning a new project. A fresh ball of yarn, the allure of a new pattern, the sense of accomplishment as you watch it grow.

Have you ever thought about what motivates you? Are you a project knitter (or crocheter) or a process knitter (or crocheter)?

The project crafter lured by the unknown. A new pattern, an interesting technique, sometimes the end result is just a means. In contrast, a process crafter prefers the rhythmic nature of the known, often revisiting the same pattern several times. They would much rather sit and knit or crochet without too much conscious thought. That’s not to say that they don’t enjoy new patterns or techniques, just that it needs to be within their comfort zones.

Why is this important? All of us are a little of both. Sometimes needing a new challenge and at other times needing the comfort of the familiar. Knowing what brings you enjoyment can help you to be more intentional in the projects you choose.

In taking time in choosing our yarn and the type of projects we enjoy, we are more likely to gain satisfaction from them and to finish them. After all, isn’t that why we create?