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Chiaogoo Spin Bamboo Interchangeable tips
Chiaogoo Spin Bamboo Interchangeable tips
Chiaogoo Spin Bamboo Interchangeable tips

ChiaoGoo SPIN Bamboo Interchangeable Tips

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ChiaoGoo's SPIN bamboo interchangeable tips are beautifully  hand-crafted and are made of Moso bamboo. The metal join is crimped and glued to ensure a secure connection. The size is laser imprinted on each tip.

Available in 4" (10cm) and 5" (13cm) lengths.

The tips are usually paired with the nylon SPIN cables but can be paired with the red Twist cables.

Sizes 2.75mm - 5mm have a SMALL [S] join and can be used with SMALL [S] diameter cables.

Sizes  5.5mm – 10mm have a LARGE [L] join and can be used with LARGE [L] diameter cables.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
C Gray
Fabulous Needles

I knit a lot and over the years have tried many different needles. The Chiagoo bamboo needles are far and away the best of all. Top quality.

Sue Bullick
Bamboo interchangeable tips

Thank you so much for these and for the extra service you gave tracking my parcel down. Highly recommend Eskdale yarns.

Rebecca Rice

These are life changing! So smooth but still have grip when you need it and light enough for my hands to handle when the osteoarthritis in them starts to be annoying

Chiaogoo Bamboo interchangeable needle tips

I didn’t think I’d ever find needles that I like as much as my Chiaogoo Red Lace interchangeables….but these are great!
I’m using them with the original red cables. I’ve found that the tips are pointed enough for most lacework, and they feel sturdy yet very lightweight and comfortable to use, which my arthritic hands are grateful for.


These are amazing! I’ll be buying more for sure..