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ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Mini Set

ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Mini Set

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The ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Shorties are an interchangeable tip system that allows knitters to make short circulars from 9” (23 cm) through 14”(36 cm) circulars – including differentials!

Set includes:

6 precision machined 5cm tips in sizes 2mm through to 3.25mm 

6 precision machined 8cm tips in sizes 2mm through to 3.25mm 

3 mini diameter red cables in lengths of 13, 15 and 20cm

End stoppers

Tightening Keys


Stitch Markers

and a mini needle gauge all in a red, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch.

Please note:  This new system of TWIST Shorties interchangeables is slightly different from the 13cm and 10cm tip systems: Shortie tip sizes up to 3.25mm (US3) have a MINI diameter join. Tip sizes 3.5mm and larger have the small [S] diameter join. 

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